Enchanted by the wild flowers

I think I need some very large canvases… the wild flowers on the west coast were so interesting and beautiful.


Wicken Fen Autumn

Wicken Fen Autumn
24 x 26 Oil/Linen

As many of you know from reading my blog, I am very partial to Wicken Fen near Cambridge and here is a painting that I have been working on for the Blackheath Gallery exhibition in September. Hope you like it!

Meadows in the Tweed Valley

Meadows in the Tweed Valley
30 x 41 Oil/Linen

This is one of my favourite places and I have painted it many times at different times of the year and day. It’s very close to my friend Jasmin’s home in Biggar, Scotland. I would love to take a workshop here some day, so anyone interested let me know! Maybe next year.

A landscape for a change!

Grove Ferry Springtime
16 x 16 Oil/Linen

I have visited this place many times. It is near where my friend Jim used to live in Kent and I just love it. I suppose I fell in love with the area because Barry and I first discovered it on a beautiful summer’s day and had a really good painting session there.

I am getting lots done, although still have lots more to do before I return to England. I am also waiting for my first appointment with the United States government which will entail fingerprinting! I think this will be the fourth time they have taken my prints! Do they change as you get older I wonder? Dad still doing well, but hoping to go back at the end of May, but that will depend upon the fingerprinting appointment. Hope I get a date soon.