A landscape for a change!

Grove Ferry Springtime
16 x 16 Oil/Linen

I have visited this place many times. It is near where my friend Jim used to live in Kent and I just love it. I suppose I fell in love with the area because Barry and I first discovered it on a beautiful summer’s day and had a really good painting session there.

I am getting lots done, although still have lots more to do before I return to England. I am also waiting for my first appointment with the United States government which will entail fingerprinting! I think this will be the fourth time they have taken my prints! Do they change as you get older I wonder? Dad still doing well, but hoping to go back at the end of May, but that will depend upon the fingerprinting appointment. Hope I get a date soon.


5 thoughts on “A landscape for a change!

  1. Beautiful painting Lynne. I love the subtle warm notes in the field and bank. So glad to hear your dad is still doing well. Hope the volcano has settled down by the time you are ready to go!

  2. Wonderful painting – as always has a great mood.

    I had to give the government my prints too – it was required for doing volunteer work with children. I think maybe every branch or department wants their very own set.

  3. Thanks Deborah and Katherine. I have two friends who are stuck in the UK at the moment. It's a nightmare. I am hoping that the volcano will settle down soon. It really makes me think twice about all this transatlantic business, but … what can I do? It's my life!

    Katherine, they have become very strict in the UK too about screening everyone who has anything to do with children… although recently authors who go into schools to talk about their books put their foot down when it came to background screening etc. I don't know, sometimes I think we have all gone a bit too far!

  4. Lovely painting Lynne. I have been looking through your blog, catching up since I returned from China. Your birds are beautiful.
    Good luck with becoming a citizen. Stuart and I became US citizens a few years ago. The best part of the decision making interview was when the snooty interviewer asked me to write a sentence 'in english'. Very good was her reply. I felt like telling her, what language do you think people from England speak? I bit my tongue as I did not want the dreaded word, 'denied', stamped on my just written sentence!

  5. Good to hear from you Patricia, how long were you in China?

    I can imagine how hard it must have been to bite your tongue… I think those kinds of comments often slip out from British mouths to our detriment! I have my first appointment scheduled now on 12th May… fingerprinting, so the ball is definitely rolling. I will be happy to get it all completed.

    How was China? Good to have you back.

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