Commission completed and loved!

Spring Meadow II
30 x 36 Oil/Linen

Here is a pretty poor photo of one of the commissions. You may remember I posted a smaller version of this a while back and my client saw that and requested a larger one… which was great having already solved some of the problems. I delivered it this weekend at her 50th birthday party and it felt really good when we unwrapped it in front of a group of friends and relatives and saw their looks of admiration! Nothing like that to boost one’s ego! I wish the darker areas would have photographed better, there is so much going on, but Oh well, I don’t have a fancy photography studio and will just have to make do!

What was interesting about this commission was that the request was to keep the abstract quality and the intense blues, which I did. It gave me permission to enjoy the loose brush strokes and intense somewhat unrealistic colours!

I am now at my Dad’s for a few days, which is really lovely. (Hi Dad!xx)