Back in New Mexico

It has taken me a week to get over jet lag and feel somewhat normal again. You would think after nearly 16 years of toing and froing between the US and the UK I would be used to it, but I think it gets harder! Something to do with being 55 maybe?!

Anyway, all kinds of things have turned up and changed and now I have decided to postpone my workshop because I have been invited to submit two paintings to the Howard Mandville small works show this October, plus I am working on my three pieces for the Albquerque Museum show and have decided to return to the UK at the end of October, so all in all I have my work cut out for me. Oh, I forgot to mention, I have three dear friends, whom I have know since art college days visiting for three weeks on Monday, so that might make a dent in my production!

Enjoy the lonely wet sheep until I have something from the studio to post!