A wren and two and a half eggs

A wren and two and a half eggs
12 x 12 Oil/Linen

I painted this very quickly and freely with Charles Warren Eaton’s Sunset Trees in mind. His amazing colours made me want to paint something with really strong colours. My tendency is to over-paint.. to get everything perfect and I think I end up losing some of the really lovely qualities of paint.

A wonderful Wednesday morning!


On the Road to Peebles

I dashed out this morning because after a few rather dull days, the sun was out… sadly all too briefly, but I did get a very quick sketch done before my fingers almost dropped off with the cold! Plus I got a few rather nice photos.. everywhere I look in this area of Scotland I find wonderful views to paint.

Don’t forget I am organising a workshop here in September – 19th – 23rd… see my website for details.

To Aviemore

I drove up to Aviemore yesterday to spend a couple of days with my son, Ralph. It was a pretty horrible day, weatherwise, but as I got closer to the Highlands, it started to clear…. and then started snowing!! I find that in Scotland, the weather seems to change a lot in one day. At the moment… this being February, we have been waking up to a miserable grey wet day, with lots of mist on hills! Then as the day wears on it clears and really lovely dramatic skies develop. Anyway, by the time I got to my hotel, it was pretty gloomy again. My hotel The Rowan Tree Hotel is very nice and would make a great location for a workshop! You just have to walk out the door and there is Loch Alvie.
Today however, it’s glorious and here are some photos.