Morning Mist, nr. Biggar, Scotland

Oil Pastel

Here is a little taster of a good old Scottish early morning mist! For some strange reason when I wake up and look outside and it’s all misty, you can’t stop me from grabbing all my supplies and a flask of coffee and driving off somewhere to do some painting! This morning was no exception! October 18th and there was such a heavy mist I could hardly see anything, but I knew that the sun would be breaking through, which it eventually did. It was quite an amusing morning because I was happily painting away and I heard a cockerel crow in the distance and because I was shrouded (I like that word) in mist, I couldn’t see a nearby farm. All of a sudden I remembered that my friend had ‘blue-toothed’ the cockerel sound from her phone to mine and it was actually my phone ringing! The cockerel, which we still have today on our phone here in the US, was a real Scottish cockerel, named Hannibal who lived with Jasmin. Sadly, he no longer with us. But his crow lives on!