Two Paintings

Fall Cottonwoods with pond 9 x 16 Oil/Panel
Meandering River ii 9 x 16 Oil/Panel

Here are a couple of new paintings which I managed to finish in between all the other stuff!  I had my first tutorial and lecture last week.   It was certainly stimulating and it is going to stretch my brain somewhat, which is great.  I found the tutorial really helpful with lots of discussion about risk, unlearning and dismantling oneself!  Lots of book suggestions, so I don’t think I shall be reading many novels for a while!  I am not sure what I think about Post Modernism though… any thoughts?


Not sure where to begin!

I knew that this last couple of weeks were going to be a bit of a whirlwind what with my workshop in Scotland, my show in London and starting my MA in Cambridge!!   I am still trying to catch up!

I must congratulate my three intrepid and dedicated students from North America who flew all the way to Scotland just to take a workshop with me!  We had a lot of fun!  It is very easy having so few students, although more would have been nice from a financial point of view!  I am not complaining though, it was like painting with three good friends and accomplished painters to boot!  The week before, I was avidly watching the weather and it didn’t look good.  However, for the most part the weather stayed fine, except for an extremely rainy Wednesday, which wasn’t nice for Rose’s husband who had booked a fishing day on the River Tweed.  Poor thing.  We stayed nice and cosy in the studio! Rose and Katherine loved Skirling House.  They were treated royally.  If anyone ever wants to stay in the Scottish Borders, this is the place to stay.  Bob and Isobel are wonderful hosts.

When we were painting alongside the river Tweed, see photos below, we were watched intently by quite a number of cows… they seemed to find us very fascinating!

New painting

I laid out this new painting today. I have been working on the commission and it has gone through many stages and I think it’s finished now, but I just can’t get a decent photo! Very annoying.

Below is a photo taken from Buttercup Hill (my choice of name), where Missy gets to chase rabbits every day. The light was so gorgeous.

Tomorrow is my gardening day, so I better get to bed! I am always completely worn out after my Wednesday’s planting and weeding, but it’s really good to get out do some physical work. I just hope it doesn’t rain like it did today!

The Day before…

Las Lagunas Autumn

30 x 40 Oil/Linen

Well, this is it, as my Mum used to say! I am off tomorrow… I have done all I can and now it’s time to sit on that plane and relax! Sleep if possible, but not much chance of that… I am so looking forward to being home with my family, totally bereft at the thought of leaving Barry though. Still he has been doing so much running around for me, he will be glad to get back to his own work!

This painting is of a scene that I have visited before. A good old New Mexican autumn scene, of a pond and cottonwoods, not far from where we live.