Nuthatch Commission

Here is the next stage of my nuthatch commission. I think it has now lost the lovely three dimensional quality of the original drawing. I love my early layouts and have done many paintings just using the under painting and adding more darks and glazing a lot. Of course you have to be so sure that your wiping out is accurate, but the effect of glazing on an almost clean gessoed wood, using no white is gorgeous and when finished, reminds me of ‘conkers’ (the seed from horse-chestnuts or buckeyes I think in the US)



Season of Mists
9 x 15 Oil/Linen panel

I just love this time of the year. Both here and in the UK. All the beautiful horse chestnut trees and the conkers on the ground in the UK and here, the cottonwoods are just a perfect gold. There is a wonderful bosque near where I play tennis at lunchtime with my friend Sue, and we often stop to marvel at the beauty of the yellow and the blue of the New Mexico sky. How lucky we are.