Ducky – Etching

I am at the second stage of my Ducky etching. Here I am wiping off the excess printing ink from the copper plate.

First Stage

Second Stage

Close up of the Second Stage

I won’t be able to go to etching this week… not happy about that, but I have more exciting news. At 7.30 am I have to go to the Convention Centre in Albuquerque for my Oath of Allegiance ceremony, so we are staying Albuquerque the night before. I shall be an American Citizen on Friday! Last night I dreamt (just found out that this is an British English term), that I arrived early, but then almost missed the ceremony because I wasn’t paying attention! It’s funny what goes on in our minds when we are sleeping…. and when we are awake!!


Recovery Day

I have been taking it easy this last couple of days, getting over having my wisdom tooth pulled. What a relief to have it gone! Oh the pain! Anyway, things are much better now and I have been enjoying lazing about doing drawings, preparing for new paintings and etchings and learning my civics for my Naturalisation (I suppose I better start spelling it with a zee!!) interview on 13th July.

The lovely duck is called Ducky. Bonnie very kindly let me use her wonderful photos of Ducky to work from. I am planning on doing a larger painting of Ducky. He has so much character. Bonnie was very attached to Ducky.

Lately, I have been doing some sheep paintings, which are almost finished. One of them I am submitting to the Russian Night in Taos. When I was home last summer I found this wonderful field, high above Rutland Water. The sun was almost setting and I managed to take a lot of amazing sheep photos… I will post one.. it was a glorious English summer evening… I couldn’t believe my luck. I was on my way to see my friend Melanie, in Cambridge and got very off the beaten track and nearly ran out of petrol. I had no idea where I was or if there was a garage nearby because it was late on a Saturday evening! Thankfully there was a little village garage still open. I really must get an iphone or sat-nav (really want the iphone) when I go back to the UK so that I can keep a track of all these wonderful places that I find on my painting travels. This will be handy for when I start taking artists around the UK to paint!!