Daffodils, Dragonflies and Fritillaries

Dragonflies & Fritillaria

Dragonflies & Fritillaria ii 12 x 12

Dragonflies & Daffodils  10 x 10

Now my essay has been handed in, I am enjoying getting back to printing again.  Focusing on the drypoints and using Stella Ross Craig’s botanical drawings as a reference I am developing my little magical worlds of insects, bulbs, roots, petals, stamens etc.  The first drypoint is finished but the bottom two are at the first stage.  I drew the faint daffodils directly from nature and I realised that I hadn’t pressed hard enough.  Still, having added new imagery, I rather like the difference in line tone.  We will have to wait and see how it progresses.  I only have a few days left until this semester finishes.  Portfolio hand in on Monday!  Barry arrives in the UK on Wednesday! 



The snowdrops are everywhere at the moment, growing wild along the banks of the ditches and in gardens. I just love them. The daffodils are late because we have had such a long hard winter and still we have frost in the morning and lovely crisp days.

It looks as if I will have to return soon, to keep my resident alien status up to scratch, which is a bit difficult and not sure what we are going to do. Still, Dad is doing more and more for himself and with all the help he is getting from the social services, I am sure he will be OK for a few weeks. I will be so happy to see my husband!