Another one for Blackheath

Lindsaylands Sunset

9 x 15 Oil/linen

Missy enjoying some beach time!

Looking towards Berwick Law

Days and days have gone by since my last post. Barry and I enjoyed some time together, going from the west coast to the east coast and each day we were lucky enough to enjoy some lovely sunshine. Then he went off to France to paint (lucky thing) and I stayed here to finish all my paintings for the show at Blackheath Gallery, London. Barry returns next week to the UK, hopefully with some beauties for his show at Ventana Fine Art, Santa Fe on October 14th. He flies back on 7th September… I get to stay here to teach my workshop on 19th, go to the Blackheath Exhibition on 24th September and start my part time MA Printmaking course at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge… very excited about that!


Things are getting better!

Dad is doing so well in comparison to a week ago and I am managing to get some work done at last. I have almost finished four little bird portraits and just started a landscape inspired some photos taken the other day when on my way to the hospital. It was such a gorgeous sunset and I risked slipping and sliding all over the road just to take them. Of course, it’s snowing yet again. I have never ever experienced a winter like this in the UK. I know it’s awful for some, but when I don’t have to drive to the hospital and back, I am selfishly loving the wonderful scenery and inspiration.

Here’s hoping things will get better and better.