End of my second year

Meandering River and Meadow – Diptych 8 x 16 Oil/Panel

Well, that’s the second year over and done with.  We all handed our portfolios yesterday and then went to pub!  After an hour or so of being there, I couldn’t stop thinking about my portfolio and whether I had actually handed in the correct one!!  (I have two similar portfolios).   I found myself wandering back to the Print Room to take one more peek!  Very silly of me, I know, but once 5 pm had passed it would have been too late!  Of course, I had submitted the correct one.

Now I am getting back to some serious painting, packing up from Cambridge, going home to spend some time with my Dad and Aunt and then off to New Mexico until the end of August.  I am looking forward to New Mexico, but shall miss being in the UK for the summer…  the luscious overgrown green.


Winding River, Tweed River Valley

Winding River, Tweed River Valley
30 x 40 Oil/Linen

I finished it! I am wearing a dozen different hats at the moment trying to finish up everything before I leave. I think I have just over two weeks… Why Oh Why did I decide to re-do my website at this time I wonder?!! Talk about challenging parts of my brain that have been lying dormant! I am such a terrier too, I hate to give up.

Return to some serious work!

Meandering River – Sold
10 x 12 oil/panel

I have often visited this type of landscape… I just love the meandering rivers. I am trying to finish up pieces for the Albuquerque Museum invitational and the Howard Mandville invitational and then need to paint some larger pieces before I take off for the UK again. I am excited as I have the chance of a show in the UK next year. Will I cope with the British winters? It will be a good test!