Being afraid.

I am down in Cornwall at the moment.  I just couldn’t wait to sit by the sea.  I was particularly looking for some big rocks and yesterday I found myself at Mullion Cove.  What a wonderful place.  I sat at the end of one of piers and drew. (Someone kindly took this photo of me for me!)

I noticed some people on a beach on the other side of the pier, but I couldn’t see how they had got there.  High cliffs behind and no visible way down.  I enquired later in the afternoon and was told that access was via a cave from the harbour area that had been created by the waves over time.  Being Mrs. Sensible, I also enquired about the tides.  I had about half an hour to navigate the cave before the tide turned.  The cave was very very dark, but I could see light in the distance.  To be honest, the cave wasn’t that long,  but I was alone and feeling cautious!  The last thing I wanted was to be airlifted off the beach, which I was told has happened a few times.  I got half way down the cave and completely lost my nerve.  Then another couple came along and in lemming style, I followed!  Unfortunately, the lady, who was not wearing sensible shoes, fell quite badly and they turned back, but by this stage, I was having a conversation with myself about the commonly quoted expression by Eleanor Roosevelt, “Do one thing ever day that scares you”. 

All was well, but I have to say I was quite unnerved by the whole situation.  I look back and think how ridiculous, and I am so glad I persevered! 

The cave really doesn’t look that scary here, but I can assure you that it was much darker than this photo indicates! 

This is more like it, but looking down from the pier.

The resulting loveliness was worth it and I plan to return when I have more time to spend drawing on this little beach.

I particularly loved this cave.

Mullion Cove harbour from the cliffs

Sadly, the sky clouded up and the wind start to blow as I perched on some rocks, seen in the distance.  At about 6 pm I decided to call it a day and started to pack up, at which point, my drawing blew away!  Luckily it was trapped amongst some rocks, but I did have to carefully climb along the rocks to retrieve it! 

Here are some more drawings from my lovely day.
I included this one because you can see, it was done in great haste to beat the tide.

I decided to end my day at a more tranquil spot on Poldhu Cove, just around from Mullion Cove. The most scary thing that happened was that I got my feet wet!

Poldhu Cove, Cornwall