Remembering how to paint!

I haven’t painted since September, so as soon as I could keep my eyes open I laid out a painting and below is the finished result.    I have a couple of commissions to do before I return to the UK and really needed to get back into it quickly!

It felt so good to be painting again and I feel that I benefit hugely from taking a break.  I also find that painting something familiar is a good plan when starting out after a hiatus from painting and this scene is fondly remembered as Barry and I lived in Abiquiu for seven years.  We were lucky enough to live next door to Rick and Lori Bock, whose property goes down to the Rio Chama and I would spend many happy times wandering down to the river, lying on their benches and watching the bald eagles and ospreys as they flew higher and higher into the sky.  On the rare occasion that we had a rising mist in the bosque, I was out there with my camera, for as many of you know, I love to paint mist!

Autumn Mist, Abiquiu,  12 x 12,  Oil/linen

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and I wish you all a very wonderful 2012 with lots of sales for you painters!

I have added a different pdf link for the Goya article as it was such a huge file and was taking too long to download for some. 

Happy New Year!


Pekin Duck

Here is my duck. I just loved painting her. When we lived in Abiquiu we had two ducks, Lilian and Frankie. They were so lovely, they had such wonderful personalities. Sadly, we had a very hungry coyote with pups in the neighbourhood and we lost them both. No more ducks for us.


Back in the days when we lived in Abiquiu, we had a lot of chickens, ducks, turkeys, dogs and cats. I have so many funny stories, I could write a book about our life in Abiquiu. Amadeus was the head rooster. He was a beautiful Black Australorp. He would stand with all his ladies on my studio doorstep listening to the music I was playing, in those days, a lot of Mozart. All the girls would be sitting down, but Amadeus stood tall until the music soothed him enough for him to relax and sit down too! He was so funny. As the music reached a crescendo he would wiggle his neck and stand up again. This is why we called him Amadeus!

I painted him a lot back then and he paid the rent quite a number of times! Owing to popular request, I am now painting him again. This is the first stage. I will post the finished painting soon.

Two weeks

I can’t believe that I have been back in New Mexico for two whole weeks now. I haven’t managed to get much painting done, but have done taxes and sent off my papers for my citizenship which is a huge achievement because I have been dithering about this for the last four years, mainly because of money, but now it has cost me more. The moral of the story is, don’t procrastinate!!

I have also managed to do a fair amount of cleaning! For some reason this just didn’t get done in my absence! I wonder why? I did feel somewhat compelled to at least clean the studio because some lovely collectors came to visit through our gallery in Taos to see what else we had and Barry made a sale, which was very welcome.

I must say it is lovely to be back in New Mexico and see some good friends and I have posted the photo from our recent day out in Abiquiu. Barry and I lived in Abiquiu for seven years next door to Rick and Lori (click on Lori to see her wonderful whimsical work) and I spent many a glorious hour or so down by their riverside. When I was struggling being so far away from my family I would go down there and ‘contemplate my navel’, but other times I would walk down simply for a break from painting and would lie on their wooden bench and watch bald eagles do their glorious dance in the sky.

Amazingly Dad is doing very well without me, which is good news.

Now to some painting…