It’s been rather a busy time lately, but I have finally moved into my new studio. I cannot believe how lucky I am to have found this place, just down the road from Jasmin’s house. Of course the lambs are starting to be born and the spring flowers are just coming up. It is so wonderful and I am feeling very inspired!


In the Borders

Looking back across the valley towards Tinto.

Haven’t had much time the last two days to get out and paint, but finally I managed to grab an hour and a half before sundown to do a quick pastel. The sheep were very interested in me! I think they thought I had food!

Grazing Sheep revisited

Grazing Sheep
10x 12 Oil/Linen

I am not really going crazy, but last night I just couldn’t sleep thinking about how I wasn’t happy with this painting, so I worked on it again this morning.. it’s still wet, but I think it’s better. I hope you all agree! This is what I mean Loriann about vision… sometimes it’s just a little tweaking that’s needed, more light, more structure, movement or more softening of edges. The crazy wind has died down now, so it’s easier to take a decent photo.

Grazing Sheep

Grazing Sheep
10 x 12 Oil/Linen

Here is a new painting that I have finally finished. It’s impossible to take photographs at the moment… the wind is so strong! I am off to Scotland in a couple of days to deliver my commission piece. I hope the weather will be calmer so I can get out and about.

Russian Night at the Taos Art Museum

Above Rutland Water
10 x 11 Oil/Baltic Birch Panel

This is a little painting I have done for the Russian Night fund raiser for the Taos Art Museum. Hopefully it will sell, raising money for the museum and for me!!! I rarely donate all of a painting anymore because in the past I have done this many times and don’t even receive a thank you!! In addition artists’ can’t write it off. Not a good policy to have I think. Maybe this sounds uncharitable, but I have been inundated with requests for free paintings and it just gets old after a while!

Recovery Day

I have been taking it easy this last couple of days, getting over having my wisdom tooth pulled. What a relief to have it gone! Oh the pain! Anyway, things are much better now and I have been enjoying lazing about doing drawings, preparing for new paintings and etchings and learning my civics for my Naturalisation (I suppose I better start spelling it with a zee!!) interview on 13th July.

The lovely duck is called Ducky. Bonnie very kindly let me use her wonderful photos of Ducky to work from. I am planning on doing a larger painting of Ducky. He has so much character. Bonnie was very attached to Ducky.

Lately, I have been doing some sheep paintings, which are almost finished. One of them I am submitting to the Russian Night in Taos. When I was home last summer I found this wonderful field, high above Rutland Water. The sun was almost setting and I managed to take a lot of amazing sheep photos… I will post one.. it was a glorious English summer evening… I couldn’t believe my luck. I was on my way to see my friend Melanie, in Cambridge and got very off the beaten track and nearly ran out of petrol. I had no idea where I was or if there was a garage nearby because it was late on a Saturday evening! Thankfully there was a little village garage still open. I really must get an iphone or sat-nav (really want the iphone) when I go back to the UK so that I can keep a track of all these wonderful places that I find on my painting travels. This will be handy for when I start taking artists around the UK to paint!!