Return to Wicken Fen

Some of you may remember my visit to Wicken Fen last year. On my way to London, via Cambridge, I visited Wicken Fen again, did a very quick and frozen sketch, took a lot of photos as the sun came down then drove to my friend’s house in Cambridge. I am now in London having rather a lot of fun with my girls and friends and probably eating and drinking too much! However, yesterday Holly and I did get to indulge in some lovely culture by visiting the wonderful Gauguin exhibition at the Tate Modern.

I was busy watching the sun go down when I happened to turn around and saw gorgeous light on these trees from the sun set. Sometimes we are just looking in the wrong direction! This photo reminded me of Deborah Paris’ paintings

This was taken from East Mere Hide. I was looking for good painting spots and this would be a great place, but unfortunately the only access was from the hide which has only narrow viewing places designed for the bird watchers.

Here is proof of serious dedication because I can assure you I was absolutely frozen and the wind felt as if it was coming straight from the arctic! Refreshing though!

The frozen and sketchy result!