My Etsy Shop

Water Series i & ii
9 x 9
Framed beautifully.

Lately I have wondering what on earth to do with all the pastel drawings, etchings and digital prints that I have been accumulating. In this financial climate, I feel one has to do all that one can to get one’s bathroom finished!! Dear Barry started by fixing the sagging wall. What a relief that was to get a new bond beam in… but then he had to do some more painting and the whole project has gone on hold! Luckily we have a separate shower!

So, I have now created a little shop on and I shall be slowly adding all my pastels of which I have many and I can feel a creative urge coming on where I shall do things especially for Etsy.

Over the years on all our trips to Europe I spent more time doing pastels en plein air than actual oil painting… it suited my way of working because I like to glaze a lot and doing plein air work was more frustrating for me. I discovered a real sense of the abstract when doing the pastels and just loved them. I always thought I would develop them into larger paintings, but so far I haven’t done that. Maybe it’s time!

A link to my Etsy shop is on the right of this page and the button was created by one of blog friends Julia . I just love reading her blog because she is always so sunny and bright and I have a secret desire to learn to crochet. I used to sew all my eldest daughter, Holly’s clothes, because back then… 30 years ago… goodness… the choice of little girl’s clothes was awful. I wish I still had the clothes I made for Holly. I hate to think of all the lovely things I have left behind in my life.