Good painting spots for my workshop.

I went out looking for good painting spots for my workshop in September yesterday. Unfortunately I just happen to choose the one day in the last couple of weeks when the light was flat, but I did find two more places which would be good for painting, plus plenty of space to park. I am busy working on commissions, so not going out to paint much. Plus I sold a painting in my new gallery last weekend, so I am really happy about that!

I have to say it has just been glorious lately. The walk to my studio is so wonderful that I turn down the offer of rides just so that I can walk. The trees are all out now and the horse chestnuts are in full bloom. Tonight on my way home, I climbed up the hill behind the house and took some more photos. The X marks the location of my studio. Can’t ask for more!



It’s been rather a busy time lately, but I have finally moved into my new studio. I cannot believe how lucky I am to have found this place, just down the road from Jasmin’s house. Of course the lambs are starting to be born and the spring flowers are just coming up. It is so wonderful and I am feeling very inspired!

Friday Night

It’s 9 pm on Friday and I have just finished this painting, (except for a few finishing touches I am sure) I was so happy! I thought I would post it since I haven’t posted anything recently… been too busy. As my Dad keeps telling me it’s now 30 days until I leave for the UK. I still have quite a few paintings to finish. Help!

Anyway, you have probably figured out that this is another Tweed Valley painting, but from a different view point from my usual.

My improvised studio!

This is where I am working right now! I ordered a daylight light which arrived yesterday and will make working here a lot easier. To be honest I don’t have a lot of time, but I am managing to get some painting done in between hospital visits. It is keeping me sane, that’s for sure!

I put out lots of bird seed and am so enjoying having my own resident robin and a couple of little wrens. There are also some lovely blue tit’s in the garden, which will be the subject of my next painting.

More Etching stuff…

The tools of the trade…

I have been working on this same plate for weeks… making mistakes and then trying to fix them!

I really think part of the charm of going to etching class is it’s surroundings and old worldliness…. not that I wouldn’t mind a brand spanking new studio with all the appropriate ventilation and light for myself and for Barry of course!