R.K. Burt and some Paintings

Hello everyone, 
Things really got busy this last few weeks, with our R.K. Burt exhibition in London. We hung the work on 5th November, had our PV on the 7th.  I looked after the gallery on the following Monday and then we took it all down last Friday.  It was quite an exhausting and  educational experience to say the least.   Sadly, not much was sold, but I did manage to sell five unframed prints from the browser.  Obviously, I was very pleased about that.  What was absolutely wonderful about having our exhibition in London, was that many friends dropped in to say hello!  One old school friend visited whom I hadn’t seen since I was 16, one not seen for 19 years and one who actually lived abroad… it was really really fabulous!  Ahh, the power of the internet!  Thank you all who came by.  We so appreciated your support.
Here are a few photos from our private view.  That’s me in the first photo inside the gallery, refilling my glass I think!!  (Thanks Karin for the only photo of me at the exhibition!)   Plus some photos of my fellow students and tutors being silly!
Below are also a few paintings that I have also been working on.. (apologies for the sheen on the last photo).  This last Friday evening was the opening night for the Small Works, Great Wonders exhibition at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma.  Barry and I sold all four of our paintings!  We are so happy!  Thank you Oklahoma!
In addition to all this running around I managed to get to Tate Modern last Sunday, with my son, to listen to a talk by William Kentridge, followed by a visit to the Tanks to see his installation… absolutely brilliant.  Very powerful.  Do go and see if you are in London.
That’s it for now… 

Wicken Fen Summer Evening Oil/Panel 10 x 10
Summer Meadows – Oil/Linen 14 x 18
Summer Meadow with sheep 6 x 10 Oil/Panel