Not the Royal Academy show

8 x 24 Oil/Wood Panel

This is the piece that I submitted to the RA Summer Exhibition, which was rejected. It’s OK, I wasn’t surprised. Apparently you have to apply more than once plus there were rumoured to be between 8,000 and 10,000 entries, 10% are accepted, 5% are Royal Academicians so that leaves 5% of regular old artists like me! I shall keep trying though… I now see it as a challenge and must succeed before I get too old to hold a brush in my hand!

Still, the good news is that it was accepted at the Not the Royal Academy show, which is inspired by the ‘Salon des Refuses’ in Paris in the 19th Century.

So that is a glimmer of hope in these dismal times.


My upstairs studio 2!

OK, so here are a few more paintings that I have been working on. The Triptych just does not photograph well, so having to get those done professionally and will post when I get them. The Sun Conure parrot is a commission and I really loved doing it because I don’t often use bright colours? Why I wonder? The blackbird is in progress. This room is my old bedroom. I moved upstairs to give Dad a little more independence and me a little more privacy!