My Fine Feathered Friends

Amadeus i
12 x 12 Oil/Linen Panel

Here he is, all ready and waiting!

Amadeus ii
12 x 12 Oil/Linen Panel

I love this angle. He was such a character! Dare I say it, I actually miss him!

16 x 20 Oil/Wood panel

This beauty also lived with us, but we had to give him to a neighbour because he used to be a bit of a bully. Of course he was younger than Amadeus and by that stage far more beautiful… his feathers were so glorious, hence his name.



Back in the days when we lived in Abiquiu, we had a lot of chickens, ducks, turkeys, dogs and cats. I have so many funny stories, I could write a book about our life in Abiquiu. Amadeus was the head rooster. He was a beautiful Black Australorp. He would stand with all his ladies on my studio doorstep listening to the music I was playing, in those days, a lot of Mozart. All the girls would be sitting down, but Amadeus stood tall until the music soothed him enough for him to relax and sit down too! He was so funny. As the music reached a crescendo he would wiggle his neck and stand up again. This is why we called him Amadeus!

I painted him a lot back then and he paid the rent quite a number of times! Owing to popular request, I am now painting him again. This is the first stage. I will post the finished painting soon.