Emergence 8 x 24 Oil/Wood Panel

At last a photo of my triptych. I think I am going to start using pastel colours! This was so hard to photograph (and to paint!). Fingers crossed it gets accepted, but I know the competition is enormous, so I am not holding my breath. You have to have a go at least!

I am back in snowy New Mexico now. I have left spring in the UK, with all the daffodils about to burst open for cold New Mexico. It’s so good to be back with my main squeeze after four months absence.

I don’t think there will be much time to relax though. I have loads of paintings I want to do and need to get the house ready to rent.


Nuthatch Commission – finished… I think.

Well, just in time, I think I have finished. I always like to take a few days to contemplate, but for now I think it’s there but for the final glaze. I am now rushing around trying to get all my ducks in a row so that I can leave. There is a lot to think about regarding making sure hospital appointments and blood tests and rides to various appointments are all sorted. Plus I have some of my oldest and very best friends coming for the weekend from Scotland and Cambridge. It will be wonderful, as socialising has been very low on the agenda recently.

I leave for London on Monday, dropping off my submission for the Summer Exhibition so that my daughter can deliver it on 30th March. Then fly out on Tuesday. I can’t quite believe it. Dad is doing so much better. He spent a few hours in the garden today, tidying up and digging a hole to plant our christmas tree that has been sitting in it’s pot since Christmas, obviously!

Nuthatch Commission – Coming along!

I think my little nuthatch commission is coming along nicely…. and today I posted my entry form for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. Yay!! Last year I missed the deadline so I have been really working hard trying to get the paintings finished so that I felt confident enough to submit the entry form… and I did it! No doubt I will be rejected, (I always like to expect the worst, then I won’t be disappointed!!) but you have to try. I have been told that you have to submit a few times before you get accepted, but maybe that is an urban myth. So… this is my first time of trying, and hopefully I will eventually get accepted before I reach 60!

Nuthatch Commission

Here is the next stage of my nuthatch commission. I think it has now lost the lovely three dimensional quality of the original drawing. I love my early layouts and have done many paintings just using the under painting and adding more darks and glazing a lot. Of course you have to be so sure that your wiping out is accurate, but the effect of glazing on an almost clean gessoed wood, using no white is gorgeous and when finished, reminds me of ‘conkers’ (the seed from horse-chestnuts or buckeyes I think in the US)

Nuthatch Commission

I didn’t get much time to paint today, as I had to drive to Cambridge and back to deliver my triptych to the framer. I am so happy to have finished it as it has taken me forever to paint. However, I couldn’t go to bed without doing some painting, so I started my latest Nuthatch commission. Another 8 x 8.

My upstairs studio 2!

OK, so here are a few more paintings that I have been working on. The Triptych just does not photograph well, so having to get those done professionally and will post when I get them. The Sun Conure parrot is a commission and I really loved doing it because I don’t often use bright colours? Why I wonder? The blackbird is in progress. This room is my old bedroom. I moved upstairs to give Dad a little more independence and me a little more privacy!