Not sure where to begin!

I knew that this last couple of weeks were going to be a bit of a whirlwind what with my workshop in Scotland, my show in London and starting my MA in Cambridge!!   I am still trying to catch up!

I must congratulate my three intrepid and dedicated students from North America who flew all the way to Scotland just to take a workshop with me!  We had a lot of fun!  It is very easy having so few students, although more would have been nice from a financial point of view!  I am not complaining though, it was like painting with three good friends and accomplished painters to boot!  The week before, I was avidly watching the weather and it didn’t look good.  However, for the most part the weather stayed fine, except for an extremely rainy Wednesday, which wasn’t nice for Rose’s husband who had booked a fishing day on the River Tweed.  Poor thing.  We stayed nice and cosy in the studio! Rose and Katherine loved Skirling House.  They were treated royally.  If anyone ever wants to stay in the Scottish Borders, this is the place to stay.  Bob and Isobel are wonderful hosts.

When we were painting alongside the river Tweed, see photos below, we were watched intently by quite a number of cows… they seemed to find us very fascinating!


Workshop in Scotland 19th September, 2011

I have finally firmed up the dates for my workshop in Scotland. I will post more information as things evolve, but here are the facts so far.

Cost of the actual workshop $450

Place to Stay – Skirling House

If I fill the hotel, I should get a little discount. There is another cheaper place if anyone is interested, but so far this one is the favourite! It is beautiful and the village of Skirling is pretty.

For 7 nights, single occupancy, 525 GBP, double occupany 805 GBP, so if you share it’s 402 GBP per person for the most expensive room. This includes breakfast.

On top of the basic price of the workshop, factor in your flight to Edinburgh, your accommodation and meals other than breakfast.

Depending upon how many people want to do the workshop I will hire a ‘people mover’ as we call them in the UK… a van with seats and will pick people up from Edinburgh airport. Of course some may wish to hire their own transport and possibly people can double up. But whatever happens if anyone is worried I can drive them and meet them from the airport.

Biggar/Skirling is 45 minutes south west of Edinburgh. You may even want to spend the first night in Edinburgh to get over jet lag. I have recommendations for a nice place to stay if anyone is interested.

So far, the cost of the workshop and accommodation for one week works out at around $1300. Add on flight and the cost of transport and extra meals. As I said earlier, there is another cheaper alternative for the accommodation.

Please email me if you are interested or need further information.