Enchanted by the wild flowers

I think I need some very large canvases… the wild flowers on the west coast were so interesting and beautiful.


Glorious three days…

Clachan Sound

Clachan Bridge (or Bridge over the Atlantic) and Barry

I loved these clouds

16 years ago we visited Seil Island because Barry (McCuan) wanted to see Cuan Sound which is the channel between Seil and Luing Island, also the bridge over the Atlantic… which sounded so grand, but we discovered that it was a little smaller and more beautiful than we had expected! It was so beautiful and calm on that day and have always wanted to return, so we did, and once again we were blessed with another wonderfully sunny and calm day!

I have to say it was an amazing few days and I am hard pressed to know which photos to post here, so here are a few for now and I will post some more later!

Getting some more clouds painted for my show at the Blackheath Gallery, London.

After Fish and Chips!

After a weekend of torrential rain it finally stopped, so Barry and I decided to go out and paint, but it was late and we hadn’t had supper, so we stopped by the local chippy and grabbed some fish and chips (naughty!) and ate them as we drove towards the Tweed River Valley. It was still pretty stormy out there and I had a notion to do some clouds. As I was driving I had spotted a really pretty cloud and was focused on this, but, as clouds do, it changed really fast, so this is as far as I got. It started to rain anyway! It’s amazing how light it still is up here until 9.30 pm. Barry brought over four of these Ampersand boxes, so I think I will do a series of clouds. Needless to say, it’s lovely lovely lovely having Barry here with me.

The Wren, the nest and two eggs

6 x 12
Oil/Box Panel

On the way up to Scotland

Not something you see everyday on the motorway!

I am back in Scotland now after what feels like a round the world tour! Scotland, Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, London, Cambridge, Lincolnshire and Scotland! It was so good to see my Dad, my Aunt, old friends and my girls in London. Now Barry is here with me, which is lovely and I am getting used to sharing my Scottish studio! The fields are full of wild flowers and it is gorgeous. Above is a little painting I finished a week or so ago. Now I really have to work very hard as I have lots of deadlines, another commission and am working for the show in London.