Last Gasp of Summer

There has been a great deal of toing and froing this last month.  I attended the Bite exhibition at The Mall Galleries in London and it was full to brimming at the Private View  and as a consequence I had to return in order to see the work.  I was taken by Gillian Thompson’s dry point and Jane Waterhouse’s Hare from her Wayfaring series.

Wired – Gillian Thompson – Four Colour Dry point

Hare – Wayfaring   Jane Waterhouse – etching

The wonderful and fascinating thing about Printmaking is that although there are ‘rules’ many Printmakers manage to continually break them and find innovative ways of creating their images.  I am fascinated by the two Printmakers above and wonder at their techniques!

Having finished my two paintings for the Oklahoma Heritage Museum, and a few others, I decided to go off on a little ‘drive about’ visiting old friends and family, sketching and taking photos on the way.  I drove from Lincolnshire to Kent, to London, then down to Somerset.  Briefly visiting Devon and Cornwall on a quest for wind swept trees for a commision and to Dorset because I just wanted to sit on a beautiful beach.   Glorious weather made it possible to get some great photos and to sit outside on the ground to sketch and get bitten in places I would have preferred not to have been!

Below are some photos.  The two paintings are for the Oklahoma Heritage Museum Small Works, Great Wonders exhibition in November. I have posted the Cottonwood painting before, but I was advised… (by my darling husband) to change the lines of the middle parts… and of course he was right..  you can compare with the image below… also this photograph was taken by a professional.

Autumn Cottonwoods and Pond 12 x 12 Oil/Panel

Early Snow 12 x 12 Oil/Panel

My daughter lives just outside of Glastonbury and I found a perfect spot for painting and sketching the Tor.  I would love to teach a workshop in this area because it is so very beautiful.   Please contact me if you are potentially interested for 2013 or 2014 via my website email.  I am thinking May time because the wild flowers are particularly lovely, but early September would also work.

That’s all for now folks!!

From Eype clifftop, Dorset

From Walton Hill Somerset

Catching up!

Hello everyone!  I have now finished ‘open access’ at University and the printroom is closed until the end of September!  I feel quite bereft… I dream of having my own press… hopefully one day….  but now it’s time to paint.
It has certainly been a busy few weeks, lots of printing and filling of orders, experimenting with spit bite and soft ground, travelling up and down to London twice, and watching the City Bumps.  
And the sun finally came out!
Melanie’s Garden – I drew the Agapanthus first and didn’t really like it, so I sanded it down and drew the seedheads on top of the image.   This has pushed it into the background and it’s something I am going to develop further I think. 
Drawings from Melanie’s garden
Experimenting with colour and two plates.  The aim was to learn how to register two plates.. the key is to use a large sheet of paper to trap under the roller and register blocks.  All very tricky!
Drypoint in Progress
Spit Bite – not terribly successful, but some nice tones

The reason for the London visits was because I got shortlisted for the ‘Bite’ Exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London.  The whole process entailed submitting images online, then waiting to hear if they wanted to see them in reality.  Three were pre-selected, which I then had to get framed and carry down to London for them to view.  The wait to hear if any of them had been chosen was quite stressful but I am thrilled to tell you that I got two out of my three selected.  The exhibition dates are 3rd -15th September with a Private View on the 4th, 6 – 9 pm which of course I shall be going to!  I believe that about 220 prints have been chosen out of 1500, so I am more than ‘chuffed’ to have two of mine included!  It’s a real honour.

I also sold my painting at the Cambridge Artworks Call for Entries!  No wonder I am feeling a little more cheery these days!

Cambridge City Bumps – my friend Melanie is fourth away from the cox with her daughter, Joss is the ‘stroke’ (next to the cox)  Photo by David Ponting.

On the River Cam during Cambridge City Bumps