Happy 2013 to you all!

Obviously I have not posted for a while.. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New year to all.  The end of last semester came and went so fast, which included my husband, Barry arriving from the US at the end of November.  Then we both got sick!  I am still dealing with the residue of painful pulled muscles from coughing too much!  It was the worst bug I have had in years.  I think a lot of people have had it, so sympathies for all those who did!

Glastonbury sunset

The dates for our workshop are now set.  These are 27th May to 31st May.  If I can get enough people to sign up and pay a deposit now, I can book Sparkford Hall for a very good price.  My daughter has a connection with this beautiful house and because of that I am being given a good deal.  Please let me know if you are interested.  May is such a glorious time of the year in the UK.  Photos to follow.  I hope you will join Barry and I for our first major workshop in UK together.  You can also stay over the weekend for a little extra. They will also organise meals so that you can concentrate completely on your work. 

Since I last wrote I did a three day refresher course with Jason Hicklin, which was great!  These workshops are so intense and since the ink, paper etc., is all prepared for you, all one has to do is create!  The image below is a combination of soft ground and sugar lift, stopped out by using Litho crayon.  Lots of possibilities here and rather excited about using this method when I get back to University at the end of January.

Fenland – 9.50 x 9.50 cm – Etching (soft ground, sugar lift)
Botanics – this is an etching which has gone through many lives.

Barry and I visited the Yorkshire Sculpture Park yesterday on our way back down from Scotland.  It’s such a beautiful place.  A great setting for incredible sculpture.

Oval with Points – Henry Moore
Me between Three piece reclining figure no. 1 – Henry Moore
Barry with Reclining Figure, Arch leg – Henry Moore


Back to school..

Well, I have been back at University now for three weeks and as usual trying to figure out in which direction my printmaking will go.  I have been looking at insects and seedheads again, but finding  it hard to let go of the landscapes, especially after spending last weekend at the beach!  I spent most of the time painting and sketching on the beach, except of course for a little paddle with my friend Melanie.  I also went into a school last week, The Thomas Clarkson Academy, to give a little talk about my work and to assist the students.  Here is a link to their website and a little piece about my visit.  It was a good day and I thoroughly enjoyed working with the class. 

All the above, sketches executed at the Botanics Cambridge.
A dry point created on the beach this weekend, of course I forgot about the fact that when printed it is in reverse! 

Fen Mist – 5 x 7 oil/wood

Walberswick, Suffolk