Romney Marsh – Distant Storm

Romney Marsh – Distant Storm
48 x 60 Oil/Panel

I think I have pretty much finished this piece… a mammoth task for me! Wish I had a Hughes Easel when painting these large pieces – Deborah!!


7 thoughts on “Romney Marsh – Distant Storm

  1. Wow. I hate to say the obvious but it must be absolutely stagering in life–at that size. It's gorgeous, Lynn!! Wonderful patterns, peaceful colors (I've always loved the green and purple together) and that lovely stream leads you right into it. Fabulous!!

  2. Thank you all… I must say Diane, that I was quite disappointed in the photo and I kept going back to the studio thinking I was going to change it, then deciding that it was just fine, then looking at the photo again etc., etc.,!! I ended up leaving it alone and it is now in the gallery and I am praying for sales… not so that I can buy a Hughes easel, Deborah but a bath instead!

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