The Mouse Project

Steve Worthington has finally finished his Mouse Project. He asked 22 artists, including me, to paint one of his wonderful bronze mice and it’s amazing how varied and entertaining many of the paintings are. Steve has now put the book together and it will be sold in aid of animal shelters… I can’t wait to get my copy!

You may remember my painting in an earlier post.


Stage 2 – River Tweed

Yesterday I worked on the larger painting that I started up in Scotland. It’s coming along I think. I took so many photos and can’t wait to start on more paintings from this area.

After a horrible rainy day yesterday, I got out on my bike again this morning and came across this lovely family of swans!


Dad and I arrived in Scotland yesterday. I am not sure why I always seem to be driving on the lovely days and on the days I can get out and do some work, it’s rather cloudy. Anyway, here are a few photos from my walk this morning with my friend Jasmin and her dog Missy in the stubble field behind her house. The views are breathtaking just a short walk down the lane. I know it’s going to be lovely… (fingers crossed!) on Wednesday so I shall be going out to the Tweed Valley to do some work.


I have been a little distracted this last few days. I haven’t felt that well having caught my Dad’s cold and then my daughter, Rosie and her boyfriend, Peter came to visit, which has been lovely. However, just so that you know I haven’t been totally useless, I thought I better post the beginnings of a couple of my new paintings.

Tomorrow I am going on a collage and calligraphy course, which should be fun and then on Sunday Dad and I are off to Scotland, so hopefully this gloomy weather will lift a little and we will get some of those glorious sunlit days with a little mist here and there!