Preprandial sketch

It wasn’t quite time to stop work yesterday so I nipped out and started an oil pastel. I was really looking for a little road that I had found a number of years ago and wanted to make sure I knew where it was for my workshop in September… I found it and had to do a quick sketch which I will finish later. What a wonderful evening!


Evening Meadow

Little Mitchellwood, Biggar

This little wood is almost opposite Jasmin’s house and is just delightful. There was talk of it being developed, but the owner eventually donated it for community use. It was just lovely last week with all the beautiful blossom. The daffodils are fading fast, but bluebells are now starting to bloom. All the fields are full of lambs and we have a weeks worth of sunny days coming!

Evening Meadow
9 x 16 Oil/Linen

Above is another of my paintings recently finished. I do wish you could see them in reality. They are, if I may say so, so much better in reality!

Evening Meadow with Sheep

Evening Meadow with sheep
16 x 16 Oil/Linen

Happy Easter everyone! I have been busy trying to get a body of work together to show to a gallery and this week I took my work to Morningside Gallery in Edinburgh and they are now showing my paintings! Fingers crossed that I make some sales so that I can stay there!

It was so beautiful this week, Edinburgh was just gorgeous with all the blossom trees out. It’s been so hot here. Amazing! Today it rained all day though! Good old British weather.