The Big Day!

Some of you know that I had my Oath of Allegiance ceremony yesterday. It was quite a day and really very moving. There were 39 countries represented at the Ceremony. Over 200 people were getting their citizenship.


Ducky – Etching

I am at the second stage of my Ducky etching. Here I am wiping off the excess printing ink from the copper plate.

First Stage

Second Stage

Close up of the Second Stage

I won’t be able to go to etching this week… not happy about that, but I have more exciting news. At 7.30 am I have to go to the Convention Centre in Albuquerque for my Oath of Allegiance ceremony, so we are staying Albuquerque the night before. I shall be an American Citizen on Friday! Last night I dreamt (just found out that this is an British English term), that I arrived early, but then almost missed the ceremony because I wasn’t paying attention! It’s funny what goes on in our minds when we are sleeping…. and when we are awake!!