Glorious Mornings, Evenings and a little more printing.

I just love this little engraving by William Blake.  
I want! I want! is one of 18 tiny engravings, measuring 6cm x 5cm, that document the different stages of man’s life, published together as For Children: The Gates of Paradise in 1793.
Suzi, plus others in the printroom
Vilokini working on her monotypes

 I have been struggling with a dry point this week.  Sadly my rook ended up looking more like a chicken, then a pigeon.. hopefully I can rescue it. 

Going to University this morning, across Jesus Green.

On the way home from University across Jesus Green.


Pinus sylvestris

Pinus sylvestris
16 x 18 Oil/Linen

I am sitting here eating Scottish Oat cakes, cheese and chutney, with my friend Jasmin, gazing out over the Southern Uplands, and watching the birds in her garden. A blackbird, a jackdaw, blue tits, a few siskins, a tree creeper, some chaffinch’s, a robin, a dunnock, a coal tit and a long tailed tit have all been spotted this morning around the apple tree and on the feeders in the time it has taken me to write this! Lovely!

A bit of grey!

I am so behind with my blog! It’s been a busy time. In just over a week we have had frost and sunshine, grey days and now snow again. I am working on lots of birds, staying indoors mainly although last Sunday I got out and freezed for an hour or so! Things are brewing! You know how that is? My son is up here for now, which is fantastic and I am about to move into a new studio space which is very very exciting. Now all I have to do is get a gallery over here to sell my work! Easier said than done I suspect!