Glorious Mornings, Evenings and a little more printing.

I just love this little engraving by William Blake.  
I want! I want! is one of 18 tiny engravings, measuring 6cm x 5cm, that document the different stages of man’s life, published together as For Children: The Gates of Paradise in 1793.
Suzi, plus others in the printroom
Vilokini working on her monotypes

 I have been struggling with a dry point this week.  Sadly my rook ended up looking more like a chicken, then a pigeon.. hopefully I can rescue it. 

Going to University this morning, across Jesus Green.

On the way home from University across Jesus Green.


Pinus sylvestris

Pinus sylvestris
16 x 18 Oil/Linen

I am sitting here eating Scottish Oat cakes, cheese and chutney, with my friend Jasmin, gazing out over the Southern Uplands, and watching the birds in her garden. A blackbird, a jackdaw, blue tits, a few siskins, a tree creeper, some chaffinch’s, a robin, a dunnock, a coal tit and a long tailed tit have all been spotted this morning around the apple tree and on the feeders in the time it has taken me to write this! Lovely!

A bit of grey!

I am so behind with my blog! It’s been a busy time. In just over a week we have had frost and sunshine, grey days and now snow again. I am working on lots of birds, staying indoors mainly although last Sunday I got out and freezed for an hour or so! Things are brewing! You know how that is? My son is up here for now, which is fantastic and I am about to move into a new studio space which is very very exciting. Now all I have to do is get a gallery over here to sell my work! Easier said than done I suspect!



I would welcome your opinions. Before I take this painting any further I was wondering whether you think I should close it’s beak! It is a nightingale and the idea was that they are known for their beautiful song, but my Aunt said it look startled and now I am worried. What do you think?


My weekend studio

For the last two weekends I have managed to get away and stay with my friend, Melanie in Cambridge. She has a little studio flat above her garage where her daughter stays sometimes. I have been able to use it this weekend to paint in and it feels so good to be able to just lock myself away and get on with some work without interruption.


More Bird Paintings

Wren – Sold
8 x 8 Oil/Panel

British Robin with feather – Sold
8 x 8 Oil/Panel

Mountain Chickadee
12 x 12 Oil/Linen panel
Available at Walden Fine Art



On Thursdays, Barry, (my husband, Barry McCuan) Arlene (Barry’s cousin) and I go to etching class in Santa Fe. We love it! It’s our day/night out. We socialise and work. It does take me quite a while to get a plate finished but you can see from this photo of Barry working on his plate, the beginnings of one of my bird etchings lying on the table.