The Wren, the nest and two eggs

6 x 12
Oil/Box Panel

On the way up to Scotland

Not something you see everyday on the motorway!

I am back in Scotland now after what feels like a round the world tour! Scotland, Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, London, Cambridge, Lincolnshire and Scotland! It was so good to see my Dad, my Aunt, old friends and my girls in London. Now Barry is here with me, which is lovely and I am getting used to sharing my Scottish studio! The fields are full of wild flowers and it is gorgeous. Above is a little painting I finished a week or so ago. Now I really have to work very hard as I have lots of deadlines, another commission and am working for the show in London.


Things are coming together!

Here is a photo of my lovely Aunt Agnes (87!) holding my painting to enable me to take the photograph below.

Yorkshire Stream
Oil/Linen 9 x 16

I love this stage in painting when you get to a point when all your hard work starts to look finished. I have about nine paintings cluttering up my Dad’s washroom all nearly at their finished state.

Besides doing the birds for the show on Sanibel Island I have been painting a few landscapes too! This is the first one to get finished.

The enjoyment of being able to work uninterrupted!

Derwent Meadow – Sold
8 x 12 Oil/Panel

Another one finally finished. I so wish my work would photograph better. In reality there are so many nuances which you just can’t see. Still here it is. A Lake District meadow. I do love that area.

I have almost finished my pieces for the museum, but still working on the Howard Mandville pieces. Thanks so much for all your kind comments.

Amy’s Nest at 50

8 x 8 Oil/Panel – Sold

This painting was commissioned as a gift for someone’s birthday. The eggs indicating how many children had already left home and the one cracked egg left in the nest is the teenager… about to embark on independence. It was a lovely commission to paint since I had been doing my own nests, with my own symbolism… First Born, Then there were Two and The Complete Set. I guess I should post those too! It’s Monday morning and I am planning on getting some large paintings started this week.