Back in the UK again

Hello everyone, I hope you have had a good summer.

It seems pretty pathetic to be saying I have been really busy, as I know everyone has.  I do post more on my open Facebook page.  It just seems easier somehow and of course I don’t want to repeat myself!

The last two months did tend to revolve around my studio, kitchen and bed!  In the beginning,  I spent a fair amount of time in my garden, trying to get it into shape, but then suddenly realised I only had about five weeks left, so I spent most of the time in the studio after that.  Thank goodness for swamp coolers.

One of the things I had to work on as soon as I got to New Mexico was a demonstration article commissioned by Steve Pill, the editor of Artists & Illustrators, here in the UK.    Below is a nice mention  and if you are interested you can buy the magazine online here

Here is the painting that I produced for the demo.

The Bridge 12 x 16 Oil/Linen Panel

By the time the two and a half months were up I found that I had really loosened up and I seemed to be enjoying the paint a lot more.   I guess it’s an obvious progression.  I would love to hear if others find this to be the case.

I managed to get my pieces finished for the two Museum shows (National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma and Albuquerque Museum), which was good, plus lots of paintings done for my galleries.  On my return I heard that I had two prints accepted into the Pushing Print exhibition in Margate in October, so that’s exciting.  

Barry and I spent a lovely three days camping in the Devil’s Garden Campground in Arches National Park just before I returned.  It was a full moon and quite beautiful.   I love that place and did some drawing whilst I was there.  There is something really special about climbing up rocks and finding a good place to draw!

Arches National Park – Devil’s Garden

I am off to the beach next week for a few days to sit by the sea and to make some decisions about my final MA Project… lots to consider.  At the moment I am ‘hovering’ (!) around dragonflies and rocks!

Flame skimmer – Male (I think)

Bye bye for now. 


Another two paintings for the Museum plus an interview!

Mist in the Tweed River Valley
10 x 12 Oil/Panel

Here is another Scottish painting. Last time I was there, (which was actually 2008 because I wasn’t able to go in 09 because my Dad (Mr. Miracle!) was so ill), I drove over to my favourite valley and I couldn’t see a thing because it was completely shrouded in mist! It was as if I was in an aeroplane high above the clouds looking down! Luckily it started to clear and this was the inspiration for the painting I am submitting to the Albuquerque Museum Miniature show.

Early Morning below Gordes ii
10 x 12 Oil/Panel

The third submission for the Museum show is the above painting.

Three years ago Barry and I went with a few friends to a place called Fontblanche in the valley below Gordes, France. We arrived in the middle of the night owing to a few logistical hiccups and as we walked into the beautiful old french farmhouse, we thought we had arrived in heaven. None of us wanted to go to sleep and we all sat there on the balcony watching the twinkling lights of the valley in the distance, drinking the wine the owners had kindly left us. Finally we succumbed to sleep because some of us had just flown over from the States. In the morning we awoke to such a glorious view, all sparkly and fresh and we couldn’t wait to get out there, coffee and croissants in hand to explore and get our paint boxes out. We all long to return and hopefully one day Barry and I will take a workshop there, because I can assure you it is one of the most glorious places on this earth!

On another note, (I should be packing!!) Loriann Signori has just posted a really lovely piece about me on her blog… I am somewhat embarrassed by the attention, but honoured too! Here is a link to her blog. Thank you Loriann for your kind words!

Little House in the Woods

Little House in the Woods
12 x 12 Oil/Linen Panel

I think I have been somewhat influenced by all the glorious colour that we have had around us here in New Mexico!! However, I think it may have all gone now, as we had a sprinkling of snow this morning.

I am happy to say that on the Saturday opening of the Albuquerque Museum Miniature show, one of my paintings sold. I am hoping in the coming weeks the other two will also sell.

Return to some serious work!

Meandering River – Sold
10 x 12 oil/panel

I have often visited this type of landscape… I just love the meandering rivers. I am trying to finish up pieces for the Albuquerque Museum invitational and the Howard Mandville invitational and then need to paint some larger pieces before I take off for the UK again. I am excited as I have the chance of a show in the UK next year. Will I cope with the British winters? It will be a good test!