Happy Easter everyone!

Spring is definitely here and I have managed to squeeze a little painting time in between finalising my MA project.  I love the fact that I can get on my bike with all my painting gear and just cycle along the towpath of the River Cam.   
Later I found the lovely spot at Stow cum Quy that my friend Mel introduced me to a few years ago. Quy is prounounced Kwai.  Locally the bridge I was standing on is known as The Bridge over the River Quy/Kwai, although officially it is called Quy water.
Stow cum Quy

River Cam towpath
Four weeks to go until I hand in my work for assessment and that will be the end, except for summer access and our exhibition in September. 
Almost three years glorious years of printmaking and how incredible it has been.  I keep saying I am going to be dragged kicking and screaming from Anglian Ruskin University’s print room.  

Now to get on with some gardening.  I am trying to maintain my Dad’s standards, but sadly, it’s not possible at the moment.

Bye for now.


Half way through..

I can’t quite believe how quickly the time is flying by.  It has been so good to catch up with old friends, but mainly I have been working really hard.  It would be rather nice to have a holiday at some point!

Last Saturday, Barry and I did get to meet up with our old friends and neighbours,  Rick and Lori Faye Bock, from our Abiquiu days.  We had breakfast and then went to the Santa Fe Farmers Market.  It’s been a long time since I had been and it has moved into the new(ish) Railyard area.  Then we visited LewAllen Contemporary, which has opened a new space in this same area.  Of course, this may have happened a while ago, but it’s new to me.  What a great new space it is and there was a wonderful exhibition of Nathan Oliveira, (1928-2010), Woody Gywn, Forrest Moses and John Fincher.  What a treat!  I fell in love with Nathan Oliviera’s mask sculptures.

Nathan Oliviera – Bronze Masks

I have been experimenting, abstracting images of the waters at Wicken Fen.  In the past I have produced a fair amount of smaller abstract oil pastel paintings of water, but it’s time to play with the paint and go big… I am getting there!

Here are a few.  Let me know what you think!

Water Music ii 8 x 16 Oil/Linen

Water Music i  8 x 16 Oil/Linen
Water Music iii 14 x 14 x 2 Oil/Wood Panel

Below are some of my more traditional landscapes which I have also been busy with .. in between working in the garden, which seems to entail endless massacres of squash bugs.  Sorry, but they killed one of our beautiful plants, so they have to go.  Soapy water does the trick.

Fens ii 12 x 12 Oil/Linen Panel
Summer Fields 12 x 12 Oil/Panel
Fen Dusk 10 x 12 Oil/Linen
And to top it off, here are some photos from our garden. I just love these Mexican hats and the beautiful blue of the
flax.  Bye Bye for now.