Barry McCuan – Santa Fe show – 14th October 2011

Sunset, nr. Arles 21 x 28 Oil/Linen

Barry has a show at Ventana Fine Art this coming Friday, 14th October,  5 – 7 pm.  Please go if you can!  When he came over to visit me in the summer, he nipped over to France to stay with our friend Michael in Avignon and  they went out painting together.  He also went to visit one of his favourite painters….



Arlene and I went to the SOFA (Sculpture Objects and Functional Art) exhibition this afternoon in Santa Fe. I was so impressed by the high quality of work. There were many pieces that I would have gladly taken home with me had we not been saving up to replace the roof on our house! I particularly loved Jan Hopkins’ pieces using lunaria pods, hydrangea pedals, yellow cedar bark, waxed linen and paper. Exquisitely crafted and so original. Also very much enjoyed seeing Geoffrey Gorman’s wonderfully innovative and humourous sculptures of animals using found objects, wire and cloth.

It’s Thursday and that means etching!

Wren – in progress by Lynne Windsor

El Rancho Sunflower – in progress by Barry McCuan

Whoops, I think these are a little out of focus! Will try later to get better images. I love etching, but find it challenging. I work away on one or two etchings for weeks on end. Barry usually has a few going as well, but Arlene, my cousin in law produces two in one day! Hers are usually dry point though, whereas Barry and I do the whole aquatint, acid bath (ferric chloride) thing. Quite often I will end up going too far and have to burnish back to light! We are trying to use less toxic methods, but the results are less guaranteed… or at least for me! Still, it’s a wonderful afternoon and evening and great to socialise with a bunch of artists. It’s a little like going back in time when we go to our class. We use a beautiful old press and it’s in an old adobe building and Eli Levin (aka Jo Basiste) has been creating in Santa Fe for years and years. It’s a real connection with the old Santa Fe that I never knew, back when Canyon Road was a dirt road. (Barry remembers those days too!)

Artisan Expo 2009 – Demos

Barry (McCuan) and I are doing demos on 19th September at the Artisan Expo 2009


Barry McCuan – Working En Plein Air/Oil 9 am – 4 pm $140

Lynne Windsor – The Essence, Abstracting Nature/Oil 1pm – 4pm $75

If anyone is going to be in Santa Fe and is interested in signing up, please contact or call 1-800-331-6375