The Wren, the nest and two eggs

6 x 12
Oil/Box Panel

On the way up to Scotland

Not something you see everyday on the motorway!

I am back in Scotland now after what feels like a round the world tour! Scotland, Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, London, Cambridge, Lincolnshire and Scotland! It was so good to see my Dad, my Aunt, old friends and my girls in London. Now Barry is here with me, which is lovely and I am getting used to sharing my Scottish studio! The fields are full of wild flowers and it is gorgeous. Above is a little painting I finished a week or so ago. Now I really have to work very hard as I have lots of deadlines, another commission and am working for the show in London.


Bird Sketches

I spent this last weekend in London with my ‘grown up’ children. Lovely! Such a treat for me now I am back here in the UK. It’s what I have been longing for, for so many years…. I am just loving the spontaneity of it. Whilst they were all snoozing in their beds I managed to get a couple of sketches done!

It’s Thursday and that means etching!

Wren – in progress by Lynne Windsor

El Rancho Sunflower – in progress by Barry McCuan

Whoops, I think these are a little out of focus! Will try later to get better images. I love etching, but find it challenging. I work away on one or two etchings for weeks on end. Barry usually has a few going as well, but Arlene, my cousin in law produces two in one day! Hers are usually dry point though, whereas Barry and I do the whole aquatint, acid bath (ferric chloride) thing. Quite often I will end up going too far and have to burnish back to light! We are trying to use less toxic methods, but the results are less guaranteed… or at least for me! Still, it’s a wonderful afternoon and evening and great to socialise with a bunch of artists. It’s a little like going back in time when we go to our class. We use a beautiful old press and it’s in an old adobe building and Eli Levin (aka Jo Basiste) has been creating in Santa Fe for years and years. It’s a real connection with the old Santa Fe that I never knew, back when Canyon Road was a dirt road. (Barry remembers those days too!)

British Wren

6 x 8 Oil/Panel – Sold
Available at Ventana Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM

Wren’s are hugely significant to me. They just seem to show up on days that have been very important to me, for one reason or another. Consequently the wren was the first bird I ever painted and continue to paint. I am also in the process of creating some etchings of wrens. They are such delightful birds.