Looking towards Cuan Sound
9 x 16 Oil/Linen

I am just preparing notes for my workshop.  I find that it really helps to write things down for such occasions because I tend to paint intuitively, not necessarily conscious of exactly ‘why’ I do what I do!  This is one of the reasons I love to teach… I get a little refresher course at the same time. 

In my research I came across Stapleton Kearns I found it really helpful in firming up own my views.  I am not sure I have fulfilled all the criteria on the above painting, but there is always the next time.

I am now officially a student and am very excited about what the future holds.  I think my blog will hopefully reflect the changes that will occur whist working on my Masters.  During our induction on Thursday evening, I couldn’t take my eyes of the very large press that was in the print room! 

Well, I had I better get back to making my notes, but before I go, here is another beautiful Lincolnshire sky…


Good painting spots for my workshop.

I went out looking for good painting spots for my workshop in September yesterday. Unfortunately I just happen to choose the one day in the last couple of weeks when the light was flat, but I did find two more places which would be good for painting, plus plenty of space to park. I am busy working on commissions, so not going out to paint much. Plus I sold a painting in my new gallery last weekend, so I am really happy about that!

I have to say it has just been glorious lately. The walk to my studio is so wonderful that I turn down the offer of rides just so that I can walk. The trees are all out now and the horse chestnuts are in full bloom. Tonight on my way home, I climbed up the hill behind the house and took some more photos. The X marks the location of my studio. Can’t ask for more!

On the Road to Peebles

I dashed out this morning because after a few rather dull days, the sun was out… sadly all too briefly, but I did get a very quick sketch done before my fingers almost dropped off with the cold! Plus I got a few rather nice photos.. everywhere I look in this area of Scotland I find wonderful views to paint.

Don’t forget I am organising a workshop here in September – 19th – 23rd… see my website for details.

Workshop in Scotland 19th September, 2011

I have finally firmed up the dates for my workshop in Scotland. I will post more information as things evolve, but here are the facts so far.

Cost of the actual workshop $450

Place to Stay – Skirling House

If I fill the hotel, I should get a little discount. There is another cheaper place if anyone is interested, but so far this one is the favourite! It is beautiful and the village of Skirling is pretty.

For 7 nights, single occupancy, 525 GBP, double occupany 805 GBP, so if you share it’s 402 GBP per person for the most expensive room. This includes breakfast.

On top of the basic price of the workshop, factor in your flight to Edinburgh, your accommodation and meals other than breakfast.

Depending upon how many people want to do the workshop I will hire a ‘people mover’ as we call them in the UK… a van with seats and will pick people up from Edinburgh airport. Of course some may wish to hire their own transport and possibly people can double up. But whatever happens if anyone is worried I can drive them and meet them from the airport.

Biggar/Skirling is 45 minutes south west of Edinburgh. You may even want to spend the first night in Edinburgh to get over jet lag. I have recommendations for a nice place to stay if anyone is interested.

So far, the cost of the workshop and accommodation for one week works out at around $1300. Add on flight and the cost of transport and extra meals. As I said earlier, there is another cheaper alternative for the accommodation.

Please email me if you are interested or need further information.