It’s been rather a busy time lately, but I have finally moved into my new studio. I cannot believe how lucky I am to have found this place, just down the road from Jasmin’s house. Of course the lambs are starting to be born and the spring flowers are just coming up. It is so wonderful and I am feeling very inspired!


Pinus sylvestris

Pinus sylvestris
16 x 18 Oil/Linen

I am sitting here eating Scottish Oat cakes, cheese and chutney, with my friend Jasmin, gazing out over the Southern Uplands, and watching the birds in her garden. A blackbird, a jackdaw, blue tits, a few siskins, a tree creeper, some chaffinch’s, a robin, a dunnock, a coal tit and a long tailed tit have all been spotted this morning around the apple tree and on the feeders in the time it has taken me to write this! Lovely!

A bit of grey!

I am so behind with my blog! It’s been a busy time. In just over a week we have had frost and sunshine, grey days and now snow again. I am working on lots of birds, staying indoors mainly although last Sunday I got out and freezed for an hour or so! Things are brewing! You know how that is? My son is up here for now, which is fantastic and I am about to move into a new studio space which is very very exciting. Now all I have to do is get a gallery over here to sell my work! Easier said than done I suspect!