Looking towards Cuan Sound
9 x 16 Oil/Linen

I am just preparing notes for my workshop.  I find that it really helps to write things down for such occasions because I tend to paint intuitively, not necessarily conscious of exactly ‘why’ I do what I do!  This is one of the reasons I love to teach… I get a little refresher course at the same time. 

In my research I came across Stapleton Kearns I found it really helpful in firming up own my views.  I am not sure I have fulfilled all the criteria on the above painting, but there is always the next time.

I am now officially a student and am very excited about what the future holds.  I think my blog will hopefully reflect the changes that will occur whist working on my Masters.  During our induction on Thursday evening, I couldn’t take my eyes of the very large press that was in the print room! 

Well, I had I better get back to making my notes, but before I go, here is another beautiful Lincolnshire sky…


4 thoughts on “Skies

  1. Hi Lynne,
    How exciting it is that you are studying/practicing for your masters. Another big goal. Would love to hear all about your refresher course and what it has made you realize. Lucky folks that get to be in your workshop!
    Beautiful skies!

  2. Woo-hoo at taking your masters, looking forward to seeing how it affects your view and resulting work.

    I love this painting, I went “ooooh” when I saw it appear on my screen!

    PS SK is hilarious isn't he? as well as very instructive.

  3. Thanks Rolina. Re the Masters.. I think it's going to be VERY interesting! And.. yes, SK is hilarious.. did you see his most recent post? Pity you aren't here this week.. sadly I think the weather isn't going to be good though.. although could be dramatic! Hope you had a nice break with your family. I like the landscape and will comment later..

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