Good painting spots for my workshop.

I went out looking for good painting spots for my workshop in September yesterday. Unfortunately I just happen to choose the one day in the last couple of weeks when the light was flat, but I did find two more places which would be good for painting, plus plenty of space to park. I am busy working on commissions, so not going out to paint much. Plus I sold a painting in my new gallery last weekend, so I am really happy about that!

I have to say it has just been glorious lately. The walk to my studio is so wonderful that I turn down the offer of rides just so that I can walk. The trees are all out now and the horse chestnuts are in full bloom. Tonight on my way home, I climbed up the hill behind the house and took some more photos. The X marks the location of my studio. Can’t ask for more!


10 thoughts on “Good painting spots for my workshop.

  1. All I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW! What an amazing place. I sure wish I could attend your workshop!
    Happy Mother's Day Lynne!
    PS Congrats on the sale..but no surprise.

  2. Hello Lynne,
    The top photo is absolutely wonderful, but let me say, your drawing beneath makes such a compelling composition. You have improved on something already magnificent. And it's only a sketch!!!

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