Grazing Sheep revisited

Grazing Sheep
10x 12 Oil/Linen

I am not really going crazy, but last night I just couldn’t sleep thinking about how I wasn’t happy with this painting, so I worked on it again this morning.. it’s still wet, but I think it’s better. I hope you all agree! This is what I mean Loriann about vision… sometimes it’s just a little tweaking that’s needed, more light, more structure, movement or more softening of edges. The crazy wind has died down now, so it’s easier to take a decent photo.


6 thoughts on “Grazing Sheep revisited

  1. Hi Lynne! After hearing your explanation i knew exactly what you meant by vision. This painting is beautiful, intimate…I love the golden light. How big is it?
    I know I have never told you but I love the painting in your header. Moody…amazing vision. It feel so good. That is one anyone would love to live with.

  2. I forgot to add the size… 10 x 12. I have painted that area … I think it was the Snake River, on our way back from Wyoming… I need to find one of those over here! I hope you are feeling better each day!

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