Having fun!

The Robin with topiary
6 x 7 Oil/Panel

Since I am surrounded by landscape designers, gardeners and gardening magazines up here in Scotland, topiary has crept into my paintings! When visiting my Dad a couple of weeks ago I drove over to Clipsham Topiary Avenue and took some photos to help with my paintings.


6 thoughts on “Having fun!

  1. Lynne,
    Naturally you have posted phenomenal pictures again. All the roses are lovely, especially the smiling one above the bouquet. If the painting of bird and topiary represents a new direction, let me just cheer you on. Not to abandon your atmospheric and mysterious work, just to do more in this new style approaching surrealism, but without the angst and distress.
    The colonies are getting nervous that you might be being seduced by your legions of friends in the UK into repatriating. I can't really blame them, but you must know we all want you here too.

  2. Thanks Wolfy. I am doing more topiary paintings, but want to work on them and make them a little less precise, but you know it is with the first ones… just want perfection! I love doing them, so much fun and like reflecting the bird shape in the topiary.

    It is a very confusing time for me, that's for sure. I miss you all, but need to be here right now. Will be back in September!

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