Scotland Day Three

Well, today lived up to it’s promise… it was so gorgeous! At 8.30 am it was -7℃/19℉!! A borrowed pair of ski pants and I was fine! The sun was very warming. I hope you are enjoying my photographs.


6 thoughts on “Scotland Day Three

  1. Hi Deborah, I sort of charged ahead… but then quit at 11.30 because the light had changed so much. I used to be so nervous about going straight into colour, but when I took the Workman workshop in '97 he told me to get on with it!

    Dad is surrounded by woman and eating very well. Sitting by the fire, reading newspapers and doing crosswords!

  2. I, too, am seriously jealous!
    What beautiful landscape! Love your painting too. So if you charged ahead does that mean when the underpainting was on you painted on it wet? Did you use liquin? OMS?
    Painting in the cold is something else…when the light is beautiful it's worth every frozen finger.
    Keep those posts coming!

  3. Hi Loriann, I don't know how I missed your comment… so sorry. Yes, the underpainting was wet so it blended into the colour… this is not a problem as it's all part of the palette. You can do this up to a point. I am not sure if I used Liquin.. maybe a very small amount since I was travelling. OMS? Not sure what that is… I really try to keep the Liquin to a minimum.

    I was amazed at how I managed to stay warm with the ski pants and hat on (etc.!).. plus my fingerless gloves. I was fine. A good pair of boots too. I was very very happy being outside.

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