A painting..

Tranquil Pool – 20 x 20 cm

I suppose this is what you call a distraction from writing my essay!!  .. updating my blog.. catching up really as I did this painting a while back but didn’t post it. 

I have booked my ticket to return to New Mexico in June and will be there until the end of August, which will be lovely.  Anyone who contacted me before asking about workshops in New Mexico, please email me and  we can arrange something.  I am really looking forward to getting lots of painting done and feeling the heat of the sun!!  Now back to the essay…


4 thoughts on “A painting..

  1. Hi Lynne,

    I do love all of your etchings….especially the landscapes. in this painting I see the influence of your intense printmaking time. It's beautiful. Enjoy the warm New Mexico summer.

  2. Thank you Loriann. Really appreciate you kind words. I really do think the printmaking has influenced me a great deal… but sometimes it's hard to allow this in! By the way, I loved the photo of you in your studio. Fabulous! Yes, enjoying summer in NM, but it's been a little bit too much like hard work and I only have one week of painting left, a few days at Arches National Park, which I really need and then back to the UK. Happy about that, but sad to leave… it's so confusing! Bye for now.

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