Mezzotint test

 I was very fortunate to be sent a test plate which is only about 1 x 1.50 inches from Martin Maywood and I finally decided on the image to use on such a precious item!  You may know that a mezzotint is where a copper plate has been previously rocked all over so that if it was printed without any image it would be completely black.  You work from dark to light, burnishing and scraping out to create the lights. 

Mezzotint inspired by photograph taken on my walk down to Aunt Agnes’ house

6 thoughts on “Mezzotint test

  1. Thanks Rozanne, maybe I will just do black paintings from now on! Am doing my essay on this subject.. it seems that I have loved black and white for a long time and denied it!

    Check out John Virtue's paintings.. let me know what you think.

  2. Thanks Loriann, it is an interesting method. I am just glad that Martin rocks the plates rather than me! It would send you off your 'rocker'!! I am hoping to do more, but I am running around like a headless chicken at the moment, trying to do it all in three weeks. A little like you before your show, which by the way looks lovely. Apologies for being so absent.

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