As some of you may know, for the past few months I have been part of a brilliant team of gardeners, working on Wednesday’s only. I loved it, although after each Wednesday I could hardly walk! Painting can be such a solitary experience and I thoroughly enjoyed the physical exercise and the companionship. These women are so knowledgeable and the results are just glorious. I have a feeling that getting up so close to so many beautiful flowers is going to be inspirational on my masters course… we shall have to wait and see!

The photo of my painting with the gardening gloves was taken after a long wet day where many changes of gloves are required…. luckily I was not there, but Jasmin took the photo and sent it to me …. the colours of the gloves match the painting!

I am going to miss my gardening buddies…


2 thoughts on “Gardening

  1. Yes, it is.. it became even more gorgeous later on.. lucky you heading for Taos and with all those sales to keep you happy! I will definitely let you know how the show goes.. fingers crossed for us both!

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