Pinus sylvestris

Pinus sylvestris
16 x 18 Oil/Linen

I am sitting here eating Scottish Oat cakes, cheese and chutney, with my friend Jasmin, gazing out over the Southern Uplands, and watching the birds in her garden. A blackbird, a jackdaw, blue tits, a few siskins, a tree creeper, some chaffinch’s, a robin, a dunnock, a coal tit and a long tailed tit have all been spotted this morning around the apple tree and on the feeders in the time it has taken me to write this! Lovely!


10 thoughts on “Pinus sylvestris

  1. Oh my! I can't wait to paint all the beautiful Scotland scenery at your painting workshop next September…oh, and feast on Oat cakes, cheese and chutney too! Only 6 more months until we go! 🙂

  2. Jala, a Scottish Oat cake, does come in many different forms, from homemade organic with cracked pepper/cheese, coarse or fine but the most common is a round flat savoury biscuit made from oats (believe it or not!). They sound quite boring but the are great with cheese and chutney or course, but I also like them with naughty butter and marmalade! I usually have a box in my car for emergencies as they are filling and a good food source! You can buy them in the US. Best to look for the kind without palm oil for obvious reasons.

  3. Hi Lynne!
    Beautiful square painting! I love the way the clouds relate to the foreground.
    Sounds like you are really enjoying your trip to Scotland and it seems like you are feeling the beginnings of Spring. Enjoy!- Loriann

    PS Those oat cakes sound delicious. I will look for them.

  4. Thanks Loriann, I do try and bring the same nuance of colour into the whole painting. I am loving being in Scotland, although not the other day when it rained ALL day! Spring is just beginning to rear it's pretty head, but down in Lincolnshire, where I have just come to visit my Dad the daffodils are in full bloom. I am so glad I am staying here to experience the spring… first time in 17 years… it's such a gorgeous time of year to be in the UK. Next week I move into my new studio! So excited.

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