On the way to Scotland

I drove up to Scotland yesterday and stopped at Brough Castle in Cumbria. I have passed this place, plus all the other castles on the A66 for years and finally decided to stop as it was a lovely afternoon and I wasn’t in a hurry. Here are a few photos that I would like to share with you. I hope you enjoy them.



9 thoughts on “On the way to Scotland

  1. Well, I am hoping to get lots of work done, but it will depend on the weather… a bit grey today, yesterday was gorgeous.. isn't it always the way when you are on a journey.. sun shining in your eyes, but no real time to stop and paint! Still it was fun to get these photos.

    I am going further north to the Highlands next week because my son is up there.

    You will just have to come over some time Deborah!

  2. The shot of the castle and tree reflecting in the water is beautifully composed. I get torn between an abstract like that and the wonderful vistas with the atmospheric perspective. How do you chose Lynne? What pulls you into making a choice out of the many images ?

    Safe trip and thank you for sharing.

    I bet your father hates to see you go

  3. Thanks Julie, I agree it's difficult, but I probably wouldn't tackle something like the tree and castle… maybe just the tree and reflection… there would be too much of a tendency to get into detail, which I am really trying not to do.. I love the panoramas with the soft light. I should try both!

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