More wanderings…

Hot soup was required after this morning, but I was back out driving around trying to find another amazing spot and I came across this beauty! Wow! I couldn’t believe my luck.. and what a gorgeous sunset to boot! I didn’t have time to lay out a painting, but started a quick oil pastel instead.


7 thoughts on “More wanderings…

  1. Gosh – they are both beautiful places, Lynne. love what you are doing.

    Do you have any advice for painting in the cold?
    Does your oil paint consistency change with the cold? Do you find pastels better earlier in the colder temperatures of the morning?

  2. I agree Bonnie, it's so amazing around here and every village is a picture.

    Julie, regarding painting in the cold. Over here it's a damp cold, (as you know!) so whilst it may not be 'that' cold, yesterday it was just above freezing. The paint seems a little stiffer, but I just use more turp. I worked so quickly yesterday afternoon as the sun was going down I didn't notice anything different with the pastels. I wear five layers, an old coat, a very warm hat, longjohns, stretchy pull on pants/trousers (v.unattractive!) fingerless gloves and sheepskin lined boots. I look like a bag lady! Worse! But I love it!

  3. Hi Lynne, this is just beautiful! Your lovely sketches really capture the peace of your surroundings. I love your description of your “painting-in-the-cold” outfit. You're a hardier soul than I … I'm afraid I prefer the coziness of the studio on these winter mornings, with a cup of hot chocolate within reach!

  4. Karen, I forgot the scarf and one of the layers is a warm sleeveless fleece from Land's End, in fact the shirt and the jacket are fleeces from Land's End! I am surprised at myself really. I didn't realise quite how much I enjoyed being outside!

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