Happy New Year to you all!

Yesterday Barry and I drove out to Frampton Marsh to take some photos in the fog! It was so gorgeous and I am very excited at the thought of getting down to some new work in 2011 and getting out to paint in the fresh air! I took some close up photos of some seed heads against the foggy background and I can feel some abstracts coming on! I need big canvases though and a huge studio. Hello Aunt Agnes… I hope your garage isn’t too cold!

Also, to encourage subscribers and followers I am taking a leaf out of Loriann’s book and will be a organising my first painting give away… details to follow… since I am having a little tipple before our New Year’s dinner… I might get carried away and offer a 60″ x 60″ by mistake! I have now been doing this blog for just over a year so I think it’s time to celebrate!


10 thoughts on “Happy New Year to you all!

  1. Hi Lynne! How exciting! Please put my name in the hat. Who wouldn't LOVE to own a Lynne Windsor?????
    Enjoy your little tipple and have a fun new year's eve! Cheers!

  2. Happy New Year to you all, Deborah, Maggie and Loriann! Maggie, I hope you enjoyed your tipple, as did I! You live in one of my most favourite places … just love it down there! Lucky you! Plus, I agree with you regarding the Panorama programme. Really horrible and scary. Loriann, of course your name will go in the hat… not sure how it will work right now, but … watch this space. I need to get past my 49 followers mark! I seem to have been stuck for ages!

  3. May your's and Barry's 2011 be the best and most productive ever. Betsy and I had a little tipple in your honor and had another one for Barry here around the fire in Fredericksburg. Always missing your company.

    Betsy and Bill

  4. Lynne Darling, these photos just beg to painted by the likes of you. Those little red berries with the dew are magical, like pretty much everything you interpret with your camera and brush.

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